Driving Change Through Open Data

Code for Nebraska is a volunteer group of civic-minded professionals with a passion for learning and experimentation and dedication to innovation and exploration. Our mission is to use open data to create apps that improve the transparency of our government here in Nebraska and serve the public good. We are proudly made up of developers, designers, engineers, architects, researchers and tech-savvy citizens committed to driving change and improving our community. We champion diversity, equity and inclusion and advocate for positive social change.

Featured Projects

Check out some of the Nebraska-based civic technology projects we’re working on.

A searchable and sortable breakdown of salaries within every State of Nebraska department.

Informational resource that exposes data from the Omaha/Douglas County GIS parcels dataset. Enables citizens to search properties owned by people or companies located outside of Omaha and Nebraska as well as properties that are in poor to worn out condition.

nebraska tif report

Informational resource that exposes data from the Nebraska Department of Revenue TIF Annual Reports. Enables citizens to get a sense of how much money is donated to developers by cities and counties across the state.

Informational resource that provides self-help tools and resources to struggling Nebraska renters that might be facing eviction so that they can obtain entitled protection under the current CDC Federal Eviction Moratorium. 

Get Involved

Interested in collaborating on an existing project or have new ideas to make Nebraska work better? Come to our meetings, chat with us on Slack, and/or collaborate on GitHub.